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Coat hooks, wall hooks and more - organise your space with Command™ hanging solutions.

Organising your home is easy and damage-free with Command™ Hooks and Hanging Solutions.

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Damage-free organising.

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Beautifully organised and tidy spaces - damage-free!

Tap into the power of home organisation with Command™ damage-free hooks. Designed to strongly adhere to a variety of indoor surfaces including painted walls, tiles, glass, plastic and smooth wood, so you can create beautifully organised walls, cupboards, bathrooms and work areas - with ease. Maximise your space without tools, nails or surface
damage - the home hack you've been looking for!

Command™ Products are not just sticky hooks, they allow you to change your mind or move your things around. Available in a wide range of designs to match your individual style and decor, they also come in a variety of sizes and hold a surprising amount of weight. So you can declutter and get your home beautifully organised without the fear of wall damage.

  • Organising kitchen cupboards with Command™ solutions
    Kitchen cupboards of dreams

    Create a sense of calm and order and maximise that cupboard space. Great for cabinet doors and surfaces, no space goes unused with Command™ Hooks - the possibilities for organising are endless. No tools are needed, just stick on, wait an hour and you're ready to arrange your kitchen items.

  • Be creative without mess using Command™ solutions
    Creativity without the mess

    Easily create a hideaway hangout for your kids to learn, play, or create a world of magic with Command™ Products. Whether you’re hanging their favourite art, coats, bags or other items, you can create the perfect place for them to explore their imagination. Best of all, they come down damage-free when it's time for a change.

  • Create a tidy workspace with Command™ solutions
    Tidy workspace, tidy headspace

    Refresh your work-area with a new look that’s both functional and stylish with Command™ Products. Easy to hang and damage-free means you can decorate and redecorate as you see fit to make sure the area you work in is working for you.

  • Create the perfect pet storage with Command™ solutions
    Create the perfect pet storage with Command™ solutions

    Whether it’s feeding time, walk time, or play time, make sure you’re ready every time by having all your pet accessories to hand. Command™ Hooks are easy to use for storing and organising all your pet supplies without causing harm to your home.

Four Command™ solutions for organising around the home, with no tools needed!

  • Our general purpose hooks come in all shapes and sizes, for use all around the home. For coats, bags, utensils and even heavier items like step ladders - get all your items off the floor and onto the wall. Our range of hooks hold from 225g to 3.4 kg.

  • There's a range of clever Command™ solutions to keep household objects such as brooms and mops, coat hangers and even spray bottles within easy reach.

  • Smart metal and decorative Command™ hooks are perfect for adding the finishing touches and a bit of style to hallways and living spaces. Perfect for coats and bags weighing up to 3 kg.

  • Water resistant strips are designed to withstand water and humidity. Ideal for bathrooms, wet rooms and showers. Keep towels, robes and toiletries organised with our bath hooks and caddies.

Top tips for organising - check out our favourite Command™ hacks.

  • Keep essentials right where you need them
    Essentials to hand!

    Now where did I put that bib, facemask, keys, toy? The list goes on. Command™ Hooks are perfect for smooth surfaces including tiles and plastic, so you have those essentials to hand right where you need them!

  • Use Command™ Mini hooks when space is tight
    Space to grow

    Create a living wall and let your favourite plants go wild. Command™ Mini hooks are small and discreet so you can make your plant or decoration the feature, without nail holes!

  • Command™ Hooks can be used for a variety of purposes
    One hook, endless uses!

    Our best selling Command™ Medium Hooks can be used all around the home in all sorts of clever ways. Hang upside down or at an angle to give even more storage solutions - from securing bin liners to tidying your saucepan lids. They are also great for hanging decorative curtains and lightweight curtain poles.

  • Use Command™ Hooks to secure brooms and mops
    Room for a broom?

    Do you have brooms and mops that fall all over each other or take up space on the floor? Spray bottles under the sink that fall on your feet? Get them on the walls and off the floor with our Spray Bottle Hanger or best selling Broom Gripper!

  • Person showing how to remove Command™ Hooks safely and correctly

    Want to ensure you're using (and removing!) Command™ hooks correctly?

    Take a look at our "how-to" page to ensure you're using Command™ hooks in the right way.

    We have a video tutorial and a step-by-step guide to show you how to organise, decorate - and remove, without causing damage to your walls!


Browse our organising ideas.

No space is out of reach with Command™ Hooks. Reinvent your space with quick installation and removal. Click on the images in our gallery below and let our organising ideas inspire you.

Command™ hooks frequently asked questions.

Have a question? Take a look at top questions from our customers, or click the link to see all FAQs.

  • The one-hour wait ensures that the adhesive has had enough time to build strong adhesion to the wall or surface before any weight is placed on it. After initial application we always recommend that you remove the frame (Command™ Picture Strips) or Hook Piece (Command™ Hooks) from the wall, in order to press firmly on the strips for 30 seconds. Leave for at least one hour before rehanging/reattaching.

  • You should not use Command™ Products on delicate or paper wallpaper. It may not adhere well to some vinyl wallpapers. Due to the wide range of wallpaper finishes available, some types may be particularly delicate. It is important to note Command™ adhesive is only as strong as the wallpaper's adhesive bond to the surface below.

  • Simply heat up the base plate with a hair dryer to soften the adhesive. Then use dental floss to gently cut through the foam to remove the hook or hanger from the surface. Stretch or peel off the remaining adhesive.

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